Caring for Live Chicks

If you care for live chickens, you may note that chicks have special requirements when it comes to remaining healthy after they have hatched. Special equipment is needed to ensure their proper care and growth. Chicks need to be kept warm, clean, and have enough space to grow into healthy adult chickens.

Keep Chicks Warm with New Tech

Make sure that the checks are kept warm until they have developed their fathers. The temperature should be kept between 95 and 100° in the first two weeks and then reduced by 5 degrees every week until they are a month. A brooder lamp can be used as a heat source. Newer lamps are much more efficient than older models, with silicon wafer suppliers playing a large part in the manufacturing process.

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Wash Hands Often

Always remember to wash your hands immediately after coming in contact with poultry or any items that they have interacted with. Chickens may have germs, such as salmonella, present in droppings and on parts of their body including the feathers, beaks, and feet. Even though they appear clean, these germs can easily be spread to other areas.

Create a Brooding Area

You should set up an area for the checks to brood. You should use a large box that has walls that are at least 1 1/2 feet high. The box should be away from drafty areas and pets in the household. A screener tower should be covering the box. If you have more than 30 chicks, a metal tank can be used in an enclosed outbuilding. Make sure that it is free of drafts and do not use plastic. In the first two weeks chicks need at least half a square foot of space. After two weeks they need one square foot.

Chicks need to be kept at a constant temperature and have enough space to brood. Keep your hands clean and make sure that equipment is properly maintained.