Action Pistol Shooting: A Fun Competition to Join

Action pistol shooting is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a highly competitive handgun discipline that only the most skilled users participate in. While there are many challenges that come when participating in action pistol shooting, it is nonetheless fun and exciting and offers so many benefits to those who participate. It is easy to join the fun but you do need a few things to enter the competition. Look at the list of things needed to participate in this shooting discipline.

Choose a Good Handgun

There are many competition handguns to use in the game, but not all of them are created equally. Make sure to take the time to compare the handgun options. You can find semi-autos and revolvers, each of which shoot and feel differently. Learn more about the guns and which is best for your needs.


No gun is worthwhile without ammunition. Make sure that you have plenty on hand because action shooting can use up a lot of ammo in a fast time frame. Going through 100 rounds in an IDPA match is not uncommon.


You should have a holster if you carry a gun but if you do not, before entering action shooting you’ll need to make this purchase. All participants are required to carry their weapon in a holster.

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Eye Protection/Ear Protection

Enter action shooting with eye protection and ear protection both readily available. This is needed at any shooting range so it is especially important to have the items when participating in active shooting competition.

If you want to enter competitive shooting, you will find action shooting just what you want. Thousands of participants enjoy the sport every year. Now it is your turn to enjoy the fun.